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How to Merge PDF

1 Upload your PDF files

Once you're in the PDFescape Merge tool, click on the "Select your PDFs" button to upload the PDFs you want to combine. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the PDFs directly into the designated area to merge them.

2 Rearrange the file order

After uploading your files, you can easily arrange them in the order you desire. Simply drag and drop the file to reorder them until they are in the sequence you want. This allows you to organize your documents efficiently before merging.

3 Merge your PDFs

Once you have arranged the PDF files, click on the "Merge Files" button. PDFescape will instantly combine your selected PDFs into one seamless document. The merging process is fast and efficient, even for large PDF files.

4 Download the merged PDF

After merging your PDFs, PDFescape will provide you with the merged PDF file. You can download the merged PDF file to your device, or to continue ti edit your file in our Online PDF Editor.