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How to Download PDFescape Desktop

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You can download PDFescape Desktop installation file by clicking here. Once you have downloaded the file you will be able to install the application.

The process for downloading the installer file will have some differences depending on the web browser you are using.

Below you will find instructions for each browser followed by how to install PDFescape Desktop.

Google Chrome Users

Downloads appear in the bottom left corner of the Google Chrome window. Once the download is completed, click on the installer file.

Choose PDFescape Desktop installer for Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox Users

You will see a window appear confirming the file you are about to download. Click on Save File.

Choose PDFescape Desktop installer for Firefox

Firefox will now download the installer. Click on the arrow to expand the list of downloads, then choose PDFescape Desktop install file.

Open PDFescape Desktop installer for Firefox

Internet Explorer Users

A popup at the bottom of the window will ask you what you want to do with the installer you are about to download, choose Run.

Choose to run PDFescape Desktop installer for Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

A popup will appear at the bottom of the screen asking what you would like to do with installation file, click Save.

Choose to save for PDFescape Desktop installer in Microsoft Edge

Once the installer has been downloaded, the popup will update with new options. Choose Run to start installing PDFescape Desktop.

Choose run for PDFescape Desktop installer in Microsoft Edge

Installing PDFescape Desktop

When you run the installer, you may see a notification advising you that there will be changes made to your system. Should this window appear, click on Yes.

Choose Yes to install PDFescape Desktop

You may encounter an additional security warning. Windows enables this warning to make sure you are aware of everything you are downloading. This is normal and there is no need for caution. Select Run to continue.

This message is dependent on your Windows settings. You may not encounter it at all.

The PDFescape Desktop installer will now launch. If you do not want to use PDFescape Desktop in English, click on the dropdown under Please select your preferred language and choose the one you want.

Click on Next to proceed.

Choose language for PDFescape Desktop

PDFescape Desktop will now download and install the core modules it needs to launch. You will be advised of the progress as it installs each piece of the software.

PDFescape Desktop is installing the core modules

Once the essentials are on your system, PDFescape Desktop will launch. This allows you to start viewing documents as the rest of the application installs.

There will be a popup in the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking on More Details will open a window allowing you to check on the installation status of the remaining modules.

Click MORE DETAILS to choose the modules installed

You can choose to Pause or Cancel the installation of any module. Choosing cancel will only cancel the installation of that module, not the remainder of the application.

Choose Pause or Cancel for more information

You can close this window at any time without impacting the installation process.

Once all the modules are ready to go, you will need to restart PDFescape Desktop to access them. This popup will appear, click on Restart.

Choose Restart to complete installation

You do not need to restart the application right away, be mindful you won’t be able to work with your PDFs until you do

PDFescape Desktop is now fully installed on your system. The first time the application is opened you will be prompted to start a trial or activate your purchase.

Choose the option which best applies to unlock software functionality.

Choose Trial or Sign In to start using PDFescape Desktop

Click here to learn more about activating PDFescape Desktop.

The PDFescape website will open. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Enter your login credentials and click on Login, or choose the social media option that was used to create your account.